award-winning Vancouver crime writer

The mayor’s brother is missing. A transit cop lies beaten and blinded, her service weapon stolen. A new series of graffiti tags are appearing, linked to an underground group calling themselves The Death of Kings. Class warfare has broken out on the streets of Vancouver, and PI Dave Wakeland finds himself on the front lines—but unsure which side he’s on.


Dave Wakeland is back; battered, shot, soul-sick and heartbroken, and as tenaciously single-minded as ever in the pursuit of evil. Sam Wiebe is the absolute master of noir with heart.

--Iona Whishaw, bestselling author of the Lane Winslow series


Sunset and Jericho is classic Wakeland: sardonic, cynical and in way over his head. It’s also classic Wiebe: a fast-paced page turner with a sucker punch for an ending. 

 --Dennis Heaton, showrunner of Motive, The Order, Call Me Fitz

Wiebe has an incredible ability to pull you through the page and into Wakeland’s world. You find yourself walking beside the characters, sensing the tension, tightening up at each dangerous turn, and ultimately feeling every gut punch. I think this book is the best in the series, vaulting over an already high bar. It’s the sharpest and the darkest.
--Brent Butt, author/star of Corner Gas


Sam Wiebe is one of the most respected names in crime fiction today and with good reason. With pacing that doesn’t let up, and a shocker of an ending, readers won’t be able to put Sunset and Jericho down.

--Robyn Harding, Bestselling author of The Perfect Family


Terminal City’s grittiest, most intelligent, most sensitively observed contemporary detective series.
--Charles Demers, CBC’s The Debaters, author of Noonday Dark



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